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Language Development:
3-12 Month Old Babies

  • Baby starts cooing at around 3 months

  • Baby makes eye contact with you

  • Uses combination of vowels and consonants (ga, goo, ma, da, etc.)

  • Smiling and laughing

  • Baby uses various sounds and different sounds

  • Between 4-6 months; baby starts babbling, using single syllable sounds (ba-ba-ba-ba)

  • Starts pointing or gesturing

  • Can copy some of the sounds you make, like coughing, laughing, clicking or making ‘raspberries’

  • Can dopy some of the gestures you make, like waving, pointing or clapping

  • Plays with making different sounds, like ‘aaieee’, ‘booo’ and ‘ahh’ at different pitches and volumes.

  • Soon the babbling becomes jargon, where the child starts to sound like they are 'talking' but without recognizable words.

  • Puts sounds together with rhythm and tone, in ways that sound like normal speech 

  • Can say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’, although they might not know what these mean yet

  • Can communicate using noises or gestures to ask for something

  • Can say "no" to something, insisting on something, or greet someone

  • Ask for something by pointing, or by looking at a person then at something they want.

  • First simple words appear around 12 months; mama, dada, etc. 

When to Seek Assistance: 

  • If your baby isn’t babbling and isn’t using gestures by 12 months, talk to your health practitioner. 

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