What we are doing to protect your child

At Trillium Bilingual Montessori, we are committed to ensure the safety of the families we serve, the children in our care and our staff.

Please rest assure that we are continuing to follow strict Covid-19 protocols:

  • additional hand washing,

  • use of good sneezing and coughing etiquette, 

  • daily disinfecting of the whole classrooms,

  • frequent disinfecting of high use areas and materials,

  • use of  hospital-grade disinfectant and fogger for effective application in all our classrooms daily

  • additional staff for disinfecting/cleaning and screening,

  • additional professional cleanings,

  • daily screening 

  • restricting visitors in the building,

  • encouraging social distancing whenever possible for staff and children,

  • encouraging children over the age of 2 years old to wear a mask,

  •  isolation of any child or staff who develop symptoms while at school and not allowing any children or staff with symptoms to attend the program,

  • the staff  wear medical masks or N95 and goggles during interaction with children,

  • monitor activities and materials to ensure they are used safely and done using the correct protocols.

We are not slowing down or relaxing our protocols despite looking forward to not having to implement Covid-19 guidelines in the future!

On top of our regular policies and procedures, we are following the directions and guidelines of the Ministry of Education as well as the Region of Waterloo Public Health. Additional layers of protections have been added to ensure the safest environment for the children and staff.

Do you want to know more about Covid-19? Do you have additional question?

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