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Receive Daily Reports and Pictures

Daily communication with parents/guardians is very important to us. To keep parents updated about their children's day, we use a daily communication app called Hi Mama.  Hi Mama is used by classroom teachers or by the administration to send messages, emails or SMS. This is where teachers post daily summaries of the children's overall day, pictures of the children working during the day, short videos and direct messages or SMS.

Parents can comment on pictures, answer emails, write new emails to the teachers or administration, view their child's daily progress report which includes pictures, teacher comments, washroom/diaper use/changes, menu, quantity of lunch/snacks eaten, general overall mood, etc. Parents can also advise of their child's absence by marking their child absent and adding a reason for absence. The Hi Mama app is free for parents to download and use. Here is a short video introduction to the Hi Mama Parent App.

At any time, parents can email or call the program administrator for any reason. We are always available to answer your questions and assist you. 

Since we typically have parent/teacher meetings a few times a year, we are currently offering Zoom meeting with the classroom teachers during Covid pandemic restrictions.

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