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Child in Air Yoga


At Trillium Bilingual Montessori we include every child in our programs.

Trillium Bilingual Montessori an inclusive program and we welcome children of all abilities.

As a licensed Early Learning Child Care in the Region of Waterloo, our program is fortunate to be supported by Resource Consultants and Therapists from the Waterloo Region's Special Needs Resourcing Collaborative (SNRC). These services allows TBM to ensure that all children, regardless of their abilities are supported to thrive in quality, inclusive early learning environments.

As members of our teams, a Resource Consultant and Therapists from KW Habilitation support not only our staff, but our families also. They come to our center, give us resources to assist our staff with various needs. 

If you require assistance for your child (behavioral, physical, emotional, medical or developmental), we can help you navigate the application/referral process or you can fill out the referral questionnaire on the SNRC website here. All additional supports given to children in our program are free of charge and do not affect registration fees. 

What does inclusion mean and why is it important?

Child care inclusion means that all children can attend and benefit from the same

childcare programs. It means that children with disabilities go to the same programs

they would attend if they did not have a disability. Inclusion means all children, not just those who are easy and/or less expensive to include. All means all. TBM does not discriminate and does not refuse entry to a program to a child based on a disability.

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