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4 years-6 years

Joining Montessori from 4 years old to 6 years old- We always recommend to parents to have their child join a Montessori program sooner than later, however, due to the way the Montessori classroom is set up, where each child works and develops at his/her own pace and creates his/her own learning path, children can join our program at any point. Our teachers will work with each child starting wherever they are on their learning journey!

Covid-19 Option for JK/SK Children

Many parents are interested in having their child join our program due to the pandemic and the fear of having their child exposed to too many children in other programs. We keep our groups small, have low teacher-child ratio and perform daily screening and temperature on-site of every child, parent and staff.  See our Covid-19 page for more information on what else we are doing to keep the children safe.

Reduced Fees for JK/SK Children

We have reduced our registration fees for children joining our JK/SK program. For $975/month, your child can attend daily 9 am-3 pm. Included in the cost are 2 daily snacks and a hot lunch. For $75/month, your child can join our extended program, 7 am-6 pm daily which also includes another snack. 

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