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Fruit Stand


All programs serve daily lunches and morning and afternoon snacks. Extended Care program serves a third snack at 4:30 daily.

We understand the importance of healthy eating and promote foods like fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Our menus are tailored to young children with fun, child-friendly

options for picky eaters, while following the Canadian food guide. 


Our caterer, The Lunch Lady, brings us hot lunches daily along with 2 healthy snacks.

A third snack is available to children attending until 5:00 pm. Each lunch and snack comes

with at least 2 different food groups to offer the children variety and choices. Lunch is served with a glass of milk and the children have access to water to drink at all times. View a sample menu here.


Meals are served ''family-style'' where meals are shared between children and staff. Children, with the assistance of the teachers, serve themselves and have a choice to try or not every food. Teachers encourage and demonstrate trying new foods, but never force a child to eat when he/she refuses. Teachers also facilitate conversations during lunch time.* This is an excellent time to reflect on the materials the children are working on, get to know their friends better, learn about the rules of conversation in a large group and to learn table manners

through observing the other children and the teachers. Children are expected

to sit at the table for as long as they are eating, once finished, they clean

up and leave the table. 


Snacks are also offered to every child and again, children can

accept or refuse food. Through guidance and encouragement,

children tend to try new foods eventually. Snacks are set up

on a special snack table where children sit, whenever they want

and eat is small groups of 2-4 children. They are invited to

serve themselves.*  


*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not serving meals family-style. Teachers are doing

the serving of the food. Snacks are not left on a table for children to serve themselves.

Teachers are giving children snacks when they request it. 


We do not limit portions. Children are free to ask for seconds whenever they are still hungry. Teachers will ensure that everyone has had at least one portion of every option at every meal. 



Food allergies are a part of life for many children and their families. In order to minimize exposures to high allergens, we are a peanut/nut-free facility and we do not allow food from outside the program to be brought in. 

The Lunch Lady is alerted of all food allergies and sensitivities and they take the needed precautions to ensure the child's safety. Children with food allergies/sensitivities are served their portion of lunch/snack separately than the rest of the food to ensure no cross-contamination has taken place. Depending on the severity of the allergies, we will isolate the child's eating area, ensuring that he/she is the only one siting at a table, again to avoid cross-contamination.  


Special Diets

Whether your child is on a vegetarian, vegan, halal, non-dairy or any other special diet, we will accommodate them. Simply tell us what kind of diet you prefer and we will work with The Lunch Lady to modify the menu accordingly.

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