How We Deal With Picky Eaters

We understand it can be alarming to see your child not eating or picking and choosing food during the day. We follow the recommendation of the Canada Food Guide, the number one authority on healthy eating. Here's an excerpt from their website regarding young children and eating:

Young children can have small appetites, which can sometimes make mealtime a challenge. Try to:

-encourage a variety of healthy foods -offer small meals and snacks at regular times throughout the day -let your children decide how much food they want to eat; it’s normal for kids to eat more at some meals and less at others depending on things like: -activity level -growth spurts -emotions like excitement or sadness -Picky eating Picky eating can be a challenge for parents in establishing healthy eating habits in young children. Some children hesitate to try new foods. Children are more likely to accept a new food the more often they are exposed to it. An unfamiliar food can be offered again later if it is rejected the first time.

You can help overcome picky eating by:

-making routines -offering foods more than once -planning your meals and snacks -involving your kids in meal preparation


We, in partnership with the Lunch Lady, not only ensure children's daily menus meet all the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide, we also take the children's ages and their development stages into consideration. For example; it has been proven that continuous exposure to a new/disliked food over and over will make the child more likely to try and even like a new food. Our menus are built so children see the same item a few times over a period of two months. We also allow children to make their own choices by presenting them with options (all as healthy as the other). We often see children refuse to eat or eat very little when they first join the program. Usually, within a few weeks, we gradually see them eating larger portions, eating more often and eating more variety of foods. Seeing the other children eat around them is usually enough to convince them to try a new food. We will notify any parent if we feel a child is not forming healthy eating habits or if we have any concerns.

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We follow the child in order to create an individual learning path. 

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