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Feeling Dino

Montessori is for everyone! At Trillium Bilingual Montessori, we celebrate diversity and embrace differences because every child is special. 💕 Our program is tailored to each child, offering every one a custom learning path best suited for them. Do you want to know more? Get more information on our website:

Cultural Learning

Do you celebrate Diwali with your family? If not, take the time to introduce your child to new/other cultural celebrations. Some of your or your child’s friends may celebrate or maybe you can find a celebration in your community where you can take your child to experience it authentically. Educate, sensitize, welcome and love!

Take the Extra Time

Sometimes children need a little extra. They may not verbalize their needs directly, but if you listen to the meaning of their message, not just the words, you will discover how your child communicates his/her needs to you. Listen with an open mind, be flexible, seize the opportunities when they present themselves. Children will tell you what they need, you just have to know how to listen.

Peace Not War

Peace; that’s what we teach the children on Remembrance Day. War is a difficult concept for most young children to understand, but we can speak about peace, we can create peace in our environment and within ourselves.

You Matter Little One

Don’t forget to check-in with your children! One-on-one time, face-to-face time, cuddle-time...whatever you call it, make sure they get 100% of your attention and that you are paying as much attention and that they are as “listened to” and “heard” as any other adult or co-worker. By doing this when they are young, they will come to you as teenagers too because they will know they MATTER. 💕


I got a look at my first published article today as well as our ad. Looking forward to the next one!

Honesty and Reassurance

Honesty is always the answer. Just tailor the amount of information you are giving to the age of the child.

What’s in a Drawing

What did your child draw today? It’s not just scribbling, it’s part of the child’s brain development. That why it’s important for children to have access to pencils, crayons, markers and paper, etc. at a young age. Creativity is a large part of the brain development even before writing skills start to develop. Have you taken the time to analyse your child’s “drawings”? Here’s a great guide to what skills should be develeped according to their age.

Authentic Language, Respecting the Child

Treating children with the same respect we treat adults is important for children to feel or only respected but also heard by the adults around them. Be mindful of your tone and especially your words when communicating with children. They can spot “unauthentic” expressions from a mile away! Be yourself, be real.

We’ve Extended Our “Pay No Deposit” Promotion!

Due to the overwhelming response to our promotion, we are extending it to December 1st! www.trillium-montessori/registration

The Importance of Outdoor Free Play

We try to spend as much time outside as we can with the children daily giving them plenty of Free Play time is important at TBM.

Our Pre-Casa Rooms and Casa 2 Room

Have you seen our pre-Casa rooms and our Casa 2 rooms? The teachers have been hard at work setting up these rooms for the past few weeks and are anxiously waiting for pre-Casa children to join us! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕👏🏻👏🏻

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We follow the child in order to create an individual learning path. 

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