Smiles, Smells, Mud & Mittens

September 16, 2016

 We are completing our second week into the fall session. We are well on our way to creating small classroom communities. 

My favourite time of year...

The children's tears have turned into smiles. They are happy (mostly) to see us (the teachers) and their friends. They can say goodbye without tears (mostly) and happily make their way towards favourite activities.


The smell of fall...

Upon opening the door in the early hours of the morning, the air is cooler and it smells like fall; that fresh, crisp smell.

The big tree at the end of my street (the one whose leaves are always the first to change colours) is turning into a lush bright red. The wind has picked up and blows almost every minute we spend outside.


Wardrobe change...

Unfortunately, this also means we need to deal with puddles, rain, mud and cold little fingers. So don't forget to send little mittens (thin ones so we can still use our hands to hold shovels since we still want to play in the sand before the frost freezes the ground). Hat and a light jacket ''in case'' can be left at school for the days we do need them. And every child`s favourite footwear: rain boots! We will also soon need splash pants (to cover our indoor close while we play in puddles and mud).


The matching game...

Almost every time we get the children dressed to go outside (which is at least twice daily), the teachers spend a few minutes playing what I call the ''matching game'' where we walk around trying to figure out what item of clothing belongs to which child.  Here's a true story (well it's almost true or very similar to what we do). 


Teacher 1:

-Who doesn't have a hat? There's an extra one on the floor. No name on the tag.


Teacher 2:

- Three children don't have a hat on. Here's another hat with no name.


Child 1 hands teacher 2 a hat. 


Child 1:

- This is not my hat. I have a red one on my head. This one is blue. It belongs to Mary.



-No. Not my hat. Mine is black.


Teacher 2 looks for tag in blue hat.  It is not Mary's, but it belongs to child 2. Easy solution since it has a name on the tag.


Teacher 2:

-I have a black hat here. Mary, is this yours? 



- Not that kinda of black. Black like my jacket. 


Teacher 1, who is holding an extra GREEN hat then asks:

- Mary is this your hat?



- Yes, that kinda of black!


Two hats down and one to go. A quick look around and teacher 2 finds child 3 hiding in a corner without a hat. He's being quite because he doesn't want to wear a hat.


Teacher 2:

-I think I found whom the blue hat belongs to...


Child 3 reluctantly puts on his blue hat after arguing that he wasn't wearing a hat this morning and that this is not his hat. He has never seen this hat. But, teacher 2 knows that child 3's mom always matches his hat to his coat and with a light blue coat, the light blue hat is a perfect match.


Case of the missing hats is solved... until next recess!


PARENTS: PLEASE LABEL EVERY ITEM OF CLOTHING. We don't like playing detective, we would rather play with the children. :)


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Smiles, Smells, Mud & Mittens

September 16, 2016

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