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Talking (Verbal Communication)


  • Keep visual contact with your child while talking

  • Make sure to look at them when they respond to your words

  • When your toddler points or whines to get something, repeat the 'correct' sentence to them, for example: "Do you want your train?" "Here is your train."

  • When your child starts using words, build on what they say: your child says "milk", you can respond with "Do you want your cup of milk?"

  • When your child starts to string words together into short sentences, encourage them by expanding on their sentence. If your child says: "I go grandma", you can respond with "And what did you do with grandma?"

  • The more you respond to your child's attempt at communicating, the more they will engage in vocalizing

  • Communicating with your child encourages them to keep communication and talking developing their language skills

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