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All our regular and extended programs continue to run during the summer months of July and August. We continue to offer the same quality Montessori and bilingual education all year round. Parents of the children registered during the months of September-June have priority to sign up for our summer program. If we have some openings, we sometimes open up spaces to the public. We usually don't know if we have public spaces available until June of the same year.

For families attending our regular programs during the year, July and August is set up a little differently for attendance and payments. For the summer months; July and August, we offer families more flexibility with their attendance and payments. Our summer schedule offers families the most flexible and adaptable schedule any program can offer.

In May, we will send a Summer Registration Form to every family attending our program. Families will then sign up, or not, for our summer weeks. That's correct, families have the option to sign up weekly for July and August! Here's how it works:

Families may choose between 3 options:

Option 1:

Continue attending and payments the same as they do every other months. (We will continue to make the automatic withdrawals to your account. You do not have to make any changes.) Your child will attend according to their regular schedule (Days and Times). This is the only option available for subsidized families, unless you make permanent changes with your case worker through the subsidy program.

Option 2:

Families may choose to attend a modified schedule during the summer months, like going from a full-time schedule to a part-time schedule. Because families sign up weekly for the summer program, we offer parents not only the chance to change their child's attendance during the summer months, but you may decide to skip some weeks (at no cost to you) and have your child take a few weeks off.

Option 3:

Families may choose not to attend our summer program at all. Maybe you have the summer months off and you plan on having your child stay home with you. If you choose this option, your child can maintain his/her spot in September. You will be asked to advise us if your child will return in September or if you decide to forfeit your spot upon choosing Option 3.


Once we have received your summer registration form, we will calculate your summer tuition fees as follows: - You only pay for days/weeks your child attends- We calculate the total summer fees and divide it by two equal payments due on July 1st and August 1st. Payments will be done through Tuio and you will have access to the same payment options as you do during any other months. - We will give you a deadline to make any changes to your summer schedule, after which any changes may result in having to pay for days you had already registered for. (More details will be given at the time of summer registration.)For subsidized families; you simply continue your schedule as normal. Still have questions about the summer program? Contact us for details.

For more details on our summer program please go to FAQ-Summer Program. 

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